Membership Info

Offered to:

  • Student-athletes who have earned a varsity letter while attending MSU
  • All team managers earning a varsity letter 
  • Elected honorary letterwinners 

Types of Memberships:

Active– Those who have earned a varsity letter while attending Michigan State University and are a member in good standing through being a paid Life member or being an Annual member with dues paid for the current calendar year. Each Active member is entitled to one vote.

Honorary– This category of Club membership is accorded to individuals based on extended service and devotion to the betterment of athletics at Michigan State University, and to those MSU staff members who distinguish themselves by long and devoted service to the University and continued to express an active interest in and devotion to MSU athletics. A maximum of six (6) Honorary memberships may be conferred annually upon nomination by a member in good standing and upon approval by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary members have all the privileges of membership except voting and holding office.

Associate– Individuals who participated on a varsity intercollegiate athletic team at Michigan State University but did not earn a letter (e.g., an individual who participated for a full one or more years without earning a varsity letter, an individual whose career was interrupted or concluded by injury) may obtain Associate Membership upon nomination by an Active member in good standing and upon approval by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Associate members have all the privileges of membership except voting and holding office.

Lifetime- We no longer offer the lifetime membership option. However, if you purchased the lifetime membership when we were a dues paying organization, our board ensures that your financial contribution to the Club will be respected and celebrated moving forward. Please be sure to select the "Lifetime Member" option when claiming your new Club Card.  All life members are considered permanent supporters of the Varsity S Club.



Membership Benefits:

Along with:
  • Varsity S ticket opportunities to home football game based on availability. Click HERE for the Varsity S Comp Ticket Policy. 
  • Access* to Varsity 'S' Club Room during home football games and opportunity to be part of the on-field tunnel at select home football games (*based on space availability)
  • Free admission for you and a guest (with membership card) to regular season home events for MSU Olympic Sports
  • Quarterly newsletter, including special messages from the Athletic Director, Head Coaches and special guests
  • Varsity 'S' Club store access
  • Access to exclusive networking website
  • Access to purchase tickets to MSU Athletic events
  • Special event invitations 
  • To be considered as a candidate for the MSU Varsity 'S' Club Board Of Directors, Executive Committee and Officers, the applicant must already be a member of the MSU Varsity 'S' Club. 
The Varsity ‘S’ Club coordinates a program with several campus-area merchants to give club members a discount on purchases when you present your membership card.  So if you live in the East Lansing area, or when you visit campus, please patronize these merchants who support MSU athletics.  Listed below are merchants participating in the program.  Discount amounts vary by merchant, so please check with your cashier or wait person prior to ordering.
  • Albert’s Furniture - ph.: 734/728-3111 - 32344 Michigan Ave. -  Wayne
  • Applebee’s - 2284 Woodlake Drive - Okemos
  • Arby’s - 2220 Jolly Rd. - Okemos
  • Bell’s Greek Pizza - 1135 E. Grand River Ave. - East Lansing
  • Bravo! Cuchina Italiana - Eastwood Town Center - Lansing
  • Dusty’s Cellar - 1839 W Grand River Ave. - Okemos
  • Forest Akers West Pro Shop - MSU Golf Courses
  • Grand Traverse Pie Co. - 1401 E Grand River Ave. - East Lansing
  • Grand Traverse Pie Co - 3536 Meridian Crossing - Okemos
  • Gilbert & Blake Steak & Seafood - 3554 Okemos Rd. - Okemos
  • Great Soak Hot Tub Company - ph: 517-787-0660 Horton Rd. - Jackson
  • Harper’s - 131 Albert Avenue - East Lansing
  • Kellogg Hotel - State Room Restaurant - MSU Campus
  • Kellogg Hotel - Gift Shop - MSU Campus
  • Leo’s Lodge - 2525 E. Jolly Rd. - Lansing
  • Leo’s Outpost - 600 S. Pennsylvania Ave. - Lansing
  • Leo’s Spirits and Grub - 2085 W Grand River Ave. - Okemos
  • Michael’s (Framing Dept. only) - Frandor Shopping Center - Lansing Twp.
  • Panera Bread - Frandor Shopping Center - Lansing Twp.
  • Panera Bread - 4738 Central Park Dr. - Okemos
  • The Pizza House - 4790 S. Hagadorn, Suites 114-116 - East Lansing
  • Reno’s East Sportsbar & Grill - 1310 Abbot Rd. - East Lansing
  • Reno’s West Sportsbar & Grill - 5001 W. Saginaw Hwy. - Lansing
  • Spartan Book Store - International Center - Campus
  • Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe - 1601 Lake Lansing Rd. - East Lansing
  • Student Book Store - 421 E. Grand River Ave - East Lansing
  • Velocipede Peddler - 1353 E. Grand River Ave. - East Lansing

We are no longer a dues paying club. Every letterwinner is now considered a member of the club. If you have not done so, please fill out this form to ensure we have your correct information on file and to claim your club card!

For Questions, or to turn your form in please contact Lindsey Besson at


Contact the MSU Varsity 'S' Club

MSU Varsity S Club
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East Lansing, MI 48823
Office: (517) 355-8523
Fax: (517) 355-7708