Lauren Aitch
MSU Varsity 'S' Club - 1st Vice President
Lauren Aitch
Lady Aitch Designs & The Aitch Foundation   
Phone (517)-410-9916
119 N. Washington Square 
3rd Floor Suite 301
Lansing , MI 48933
Some would say that basketball and fashion are two totally different worlds; however not to former MSU basketball player and European league star Lauren Aitch. Lauren grew up in Lansing, Michigan and graduated from Waverly High School, going on to attend Michigan State University.
Having a father involved in sports in the late 60’s at Michigan State University, it was only natural that she would become fond of basketball as well. Lauren received her degree in advertising and design while she was at MSU. She took her extra red shirt year (2009-2010) to get her Masters in Public Relations from MSU, as well.
As an entrepreneur, Lauren has found hard work and motivation to be two qualities that she puts to use everyday. Between running a business and having a charitable foundation, things can get quite crazy at times. In the end everything seems to work out perfectly and Lauren finds her budding fashion career starting to take flight. Going from the court to the runway, Lauren has an annual fashion show hosted by her foundation, “The Aitch Foundation”.
The foundation specializes in raising funds for MSU Health team to conduct research in detecting hidden cancers. On May 17th 2013 the 3rd annual Hidden Key Fashion Show will take place. Giving back to others has always been a passion of Lauren’s and being able to come back and give to a community that has supported her for so long is the best feeling ever. Lauren lives life by the saying “You grow where you are planted” and the journey in this season of her life has just begun!

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