VARSITY S  Golf Outing 2021

Varsity 'S' Club Golf Outing

The annual Golf Outing is a program hosted by Varsity ‘S’ to help bring former, current and new athletes together to enjoy a fun day of golf. The event will feature a "social distancing" beginning of breakfast sandwiches/granola bars/sweet rolls with bottled water, fruit juice, coffee. A Shot-gun start at 9:00 am on the WEST COURSE with lunch/snacks at the turn. The outing is open to all letter winners, alumni and family & friends! So, come out and join us at Forest Akers Golf Course, Wednesday, June 2, 2021! -
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Attention High School/Club/AAU Coaches:
Bylaw 13.8.1 Entertainment Restrictions. Entertainment of a high school, preparatory school or two-year college coach or any other individual responsible for teaching or directing an activity in which a prospective student-athlete is involved shall be limited to providing a maximum of two complimentary admissions (issued only through a pass list) to home intercollegiate athletics events at any facility within a 30-mile radius of the institution's main campus, which must be issued on an individual-game basis. Such entertainment shall not include food and refreshments, room expenses, or the cost of transportation to and from the campus or the athletics event. It is not permissible to provide complimentary admissions to any postseason competition (e.g., NCAA championship, conference tournament, bowl game). An institutional coaching staff member is expressly prohibited from spending funds to entertain the prospective student-athlete's coach on or off the member institution's campus. [D] (Revised: 4/3/02, 8/5/04, 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05, 10/30/14)

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